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Nov 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
to maintain phone service for people in the affected areas of sandy. >> guest: thank you to the both both of you for allowing me to be there for you today. my condolences go out to the families. there are many loved ones lost in this tragic event. my condolences go out to them, and of course, my hats off to those brave people who continue to answer the call. in terms of the engagement, as you know, the german literally spent the night at the agency. our public safety% of the same. we are definitely engaged in the process that we have been working firsthand went as far as the month goes to make an assessment in terms of those initial numbers. up to 25% of those were disabled during this process. what the fcc does is work with these entities to assess the situation on the ground and to use this information to see what we can do better going forward. so yes, some of those legacy is, we have been talking about payphones in a long time. and that just reinforces this in terms of communications engagement. it is the all of the above approach. very few things are not vulnerable. there are a lot o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1